Four-legged Friday: Murphy | Dana Rogers Photography

Murphy's Tongue by Dana Rogers PHotography

So, can you do this with your tongue? This is Murphy, a joyful wheaten terrier, enjoying a day off the whole grooming thing. His mom wishes he were always silky and brushed, but he loves to chase the dolphins in the water and the crabs on the beach. Good luck.

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moooooose! | dana rogers photography

nederland moose by dana rogers photography

driving up the canyon to Nederland last week we spotted this little moose boy. not so little, but a young one. his pal was not far off, but much shyer. this guy took his time a bit, watching us watch him. he had a few bites, used the restroom and  trotted up the hill. i hope we see them again.

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Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Emma! I love the energy in this shot, not to mention her eye makeup!

Thanks to our makeover participants. I never suspected it would be THAT much fun! Our group of winning women was spectacular – willing, cheerful,  fun and funny. What a joy to watch them transform before our eyes.

We’ll be sharing our before and after stories beginning April 15.


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Four-legged Friday | Pet Portrait by Dana Rogers Photography

basset hound by dana rogers photography

Isn’t she the sweetest? The most loving and warm eyes. She melted my heart when I met her.

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Guest Posting Over at Tamara Suttle’s Blog Today | Dana Rogers Photography

Tamara Suttle, an expert on private practice, offers LOTS of helpful advice on her blog All Things Private Practice.

Not only do I admire her expertise, I am also in awe of her blogging discipline. She posts extensively and thoroughly and consistently.

I was THRILLED when she asked me to weigh in on professional photos, mentioning that she had seen some bad images – wedding photos, vacation photos, drinking photos – come across her screen in professional contexts.

Please head on over and leave a comment telling us what you think! If you are looking for suggestions about how to achieve a great photo, check out yesterday’s post!

tamara suttle

Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC has maintained a private clinical practice since 1991 and founded Private Practice from the Inside Out in 2003. She has spent almost 20 years consulting and teaching marketing strategies to health care professionals like you. You can learn more about her clinical practice at her website.

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Ten Tips to Help You Get the Best Results from Your Pro Portrait Shoot

Your first impression may just be made – or blown – with a photograph. Most potential clients are likely to do advance research, so they might “meet” you first on LinkedIn, Facebook or your Web site.

That means it’s essential to put your best face forward with a professional portrait. Since all headshots are not created equally, here are 10 tips to achieve the best possible results from your professional photographer.

Before the Shoot

  • Select the right photographer. Make sure to choose a photographer who puts you at ease and who has created portraits you admire.
  • Begin with the end in mind. Think ahead about how you might use the photos. If you are writer, you may want to pose with your book or at your writing desk.
  • Do it right. Engage professionals for hair and makeup. It makes an enormous difference.
  • Pre-empt stress. Protect a clear window of time for your shoot. Be ready early and do not allow interruptions.

During the Shoot

  • A picture is worth . . . Bring cilppings of poses and discuss what you like about them with your photographer.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Tell your photographer what you like and dislike about yourself in photos. A professional will be able to employ poses and angles to capture your best you.
  • Be yourself. Avoid a pasted on, artificial smile. Take short breaks to stretch your mouth out. Keep your smile authentic by holding thoughts of someone who brings you joy.

After your Shoot

  • Trust your instincts. When the proofs are ready, browse quickly, marking the ones that please you.
  • Ask the expert. Take advantage of your photographer’s experience and expertise and ask for her top picks.
  • Get a little help from a friend. Invite someone who knows you well to weigh in on your choices and make sure that your best self shows through.
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We have selected our winners for the makeover contest!

Winners will receive personal styling and makeup by Marian Rothschild, Look Good Now, hairstyling from Stephen Schaller of Salon Salon, and a professional portrait by yours truly.

Please meet our four remarkable women.

Jolene McKenna

Jolene McKenna (Before)

After retiring from IBM, Jolene has started a new company helping independent business owners implement systems to increase their bottom line.

“Sometimes my professional image can intimidate those who have not been in the Corporate World and I think I come across as very serious and controlled. I would like to create a calm, confident, fun and approachable image.”

Colette Roy (Before)

Colette is a professional organizer who is focusing her business to help people get their kitchens in order.

“To be truthful, fashion and makeup have never been in my repertoire of business experiences, let alone my life. My entire life has been dictated by the motto ‘comfortable trumps everything else.’ I’m starting to realize how important my professional image is as I step further into my business and profession.”

Emma Reuss

Emma Reuss (Before)

Emma is new to Boulder and is starting a career coaching business for socially and environmentally conscious individuals.

“My education is in psychology so I know how important first impressions are. I am very successful in my work with clients over the phone but am anxious about meeting clients in person because I worry they’ll think, ‘This person looks like a child! What could she possibly have to offer me?'”

Jerrie Hurd

Jerrie Hurd (Before)

Jerrie is a prolific fine-art photographer and author.

“I am going out soon with two new book proposals. I know the agent/editor will Google my name. My blogs and will come up with the current headshot which is both out of date and not flattering. I know that, but in the push to finish the proposals, I often neglect myself.”

Thank you to the many, many women who submitted their photos and stories. It was a joy to read them! I am inspired by all the wonderful women out there doing terrific things. We wished it had been possible to choose more.

Some have asked about the criteria we used in selecting the winners. In general, we were seeking women who covered a range of ages, showed a great willingness for change, and whose photos needed an update.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



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sunshine for your day | dana rogers photography


a little still-life for today. i love having fresh flowers around – it’s a treat i don’t often allow myself. not only are these daisies adding much-loved yellow, they practically smile back.

(there’s a sale on at the safeway in boulder – get yourself some!)

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four-legged friday: hermes the cat

kitty watching the world

yesterday seemed like the unofficial first day of spring in boulder. the weather was warm and the birds were birding more than they have in months. so much so, that kitty needed a special perch to watch the action.

are you noticing spring in your world. what do you see?



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meet jefferson!

[singlepic id=23 w=800 h= float=]

Don’t be fooled by his small size. This dog has more personality than almost any I’ve ever met. He loves to pose for the camera and has many facial expressions. He dislikes being left behind, cherishes his people, and does not back down from large dogs EVER!


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