sunday photography in colorado

this past sunday, i spend most of the time studying. except for this little boating break to get sunshine on my eyeballs and some captures in the camera. do you need a little fresh air? give yourself a little virtual break!

manchester lake by dana rogers photographysunday in september on manchester lake. we took out the row boat for a short cruise.

a view of the homesteadhere’s a view of the homestead. the dogs run around the lake chasing us. except one.

the captain and first matecaptain and the first mate. the pug would rather ride in the boat and he gets nervous if we leave without him.

skipperraining sunshine.

(c) dana rogers photographylucy’s post-swim shake off. you have to look carefully to make out her face.

where is kivawhere’s kiva?

dana rogers photographythere she is!

dana rogers photographywhat’s not to smile about?

dana rogers photographydrippage. i love the sound of splashing water.

dana rogers photographythis is leo, the most handsome golden retriever ever. he and his family were staying at the lake; they lost their home in the fire.

dana rogers photographykiva trying to be the boss of leo. he let her. dog diplomacy.

dana rogers photographygetting ready for winter.

dana rogers photographyfloating on sunshine. one of those days i just want to stick in a jar that i can open whenever i want to relive it.

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3 Responses to sunday photography in colorado

  1. Bill Bead says:

    Dana Bead–these are just beautiful. Thank you!

  2. Anne Doyle says:

    Looks like a beautiful day!

  3. Gail Storey says:

    Truly beautiful photos, and a great example of the range and profound aesthetic of your photography.

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